Bringing first-class business and management advice to SMEs

We work with business leaders to successfully manage their most critical issues and opportunities.

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Building and implementing business growth
  • Designing business improvement strategies
  • Developing and implementing operational and management processes
  • Structuring and capitalising of human resources across businesses

We understand the importance of commercial and financial outcomes for business leaders and we identify and develop strategies to capitalise on business strengths to build value for our clients.

Our advisory services help to highlight blind-spots and recommend business improvement solutions that result in increased growth, operational efficiencies and performance. All projects are undertaken on an individual basis so if you’re interested in having a discussion, please get in touch.


Practical Operational Processes for Your Business

Our team specialise in identifying, developing and implementing robust, practical and measurable processes and procedures across operational, financial and management functions.

We believe efficient, practical and clear processes are critical to the success and scalability of businesses. Putting in place good processes allow businesses to manage the risks associated with growth, entering new markets, outsourcing functions and expanding service and product offerings.


Strategy, Growth & Planning

We work with business leaders to build a strategic direction for their business that is focused on sustainable growth, financial outcomes and balance across all of the critical elements of the business.

Our strategy development and implementation services allow you to realise your business vision and build the financial and operational future you need to support your success.


Understanding and implementing value creation for success

We help business leaders and managers to better understand the financial drivers of their business and how to best manage the business for success.

At their core businesses need to create value for investors, staff, customers and other stakeholders.

Our value creation services are focused on identifying and capitalising on the value proposition of businesses, creating maximum value from the effort and expertise of everyone within the business.

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Support for Senior Management to help take businesses to the next level

We work with managers and leaders to build the personal and organisational capability to effectively manage, communicate and make evidence-based decisions.

We know that managing a business or a team is challenging. It requires understanding and experience to get the most from resources, employees, customers and the market.

TINKA can provide the advice and knowledge needed to help senior management and leaders flourish and succeed.

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People Management & Utilisation

We recognise the central role of people in delivering value for businesses, and we focus on building robust, scalable and manageable systems and processes to bring the best out of each person within the organisation.

Our focus is on managing business risk while maximising the value of each employee and building organisation-wide capabilities to make businesses more sustainable, growth-ready and innovative.