Some of the businesses we have had the privilege to partner with since we started this journey back in 2016 are listed below. To find out how we helped them and why we continue to be their finance partner of choice, reach out, we are always keen for a chat – beers are on us!

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If you’re not quite ready to give us a call but you’d like to get a better idea of how we’ve helped these businesses then shoot over to our case studies to see exactly how the magic happens.

“Engaging TINKA was an absolute turning point in our business. The processes we’ve put in place since then have been a huge contributor to the success of the agency.”


Sam Wood

CEO, Alpha Digital

“TINKA have transformed our business. The team worked closely with us to map our existing skillsets and uncovered opportunities we weren’t paying enough attention to and needed specialist attention. They are not only our finance workhorse, but their advisory team continues to push us each month. Highly recommended.”


Brenden Rawson

Managing Director, Andzen

“Simply put, we’d not be here without TINKA. Their expertise in accounting and business processes have been a net positive to us from day-one. Although external to our organisation, they are nevertheless a crucial part of our team. Having them on our side has been the soundest investment we’ve made.”


Brent Wallace

Director, Hatch Head

“TINKA have overseen the project in an outstanding way. They have extensive experience and their support has been invaluable. We couldn’t have done this without them.”


Hannah De Vries

Finance Director, CNS

“Since TINKA came on board with Sonder we now have a much better understanding of our numbers and business.”


Tom Holliday

Founder, Sonder Digital