16 September 2020

Helping Sonder streamline their business to increase profitability

The Company

Sonder Digital are a search digital marketing agency based in Brisbane that specialises in Web Design, SEO, SEM and PPC.

The Challenge

When we were introduced to Sonder in 2019 they were a fledgeling business that had gone through an explosion of growth since their launch. They needed help to make financial sense of their business and ensure they were setting it up for long term success.

The Solution

We took the time to really understand Sonder and what the business needed.

We started by immediately cleaning up Sonder’s accounting files. We found that they weren’t receiving the right financial advice which needed rectifying immediately. We were able to recommend a Tax Accountant who helped them understand their obligations and successfully got them back on track.

By reviewing their financials we were then able to sit down with the Sonder senior team and help them make strategic decisions that would ensure the business was profitable and delivering on their investment. We ran a series of informal workshops that helped them make better sense of their financial reports to empower them to make ongoing decisions to benefit the business.

We also worked with them to develop a twelve-month action plan so they could streamline their offering, reduce unnecessary overheads and shift towards making increased profits.

The Results

Sonder now have a seriously profitable business. They have streamlined their offering based on understanding their numbers and are able to deliver projects on time and on budget.

"After being introduced to Ryan through a client of ours I can without a doubt say that he is one of the smartest forward-thinking accountants we have worked with. Since Ryan has come onboard with Sonder we now have a much better understanding of our numbers and business. Thanks also to Gladys & Alisha for going above and beyond."

Tom Holliday, Co-Founder of Sonder Digital


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  • Reporting
  • Advisory