31 August 2020

How we supported Andzen to grow and expand internationally

The Company

Andzen are an eCommerce agency specialising in customer journey and lifecycle marketing. They help eCommerce merchants to convert visitors into subscribers and first-time customers into loyal brand advocates. This is achieved by assessing the performance of a web store at each stage of the funnel and crafting strategies to improve conversion at each point.

The Challenge

When we first started working with Andzen in 2016 they needed help streamlining their complicated accounting systems. They also wanted strategic financial and business advice to support their expansion into the Philippines and the US.

The Solution

We started with a thorough review of Andzen’s accounting files and processes and found that its bookkeeping services were missing out on vital financial reporting and forecasting. This meant Andzen were missing out on new business opportunities. Using this information we cleaned up the accounts, implementing new systems and automated processes to reduce data entry and improve the accuracy of its figures. We ran a series of financial education sessions for senior management to give them a clear understanding of their finances. Implementing our reporting and forecasting pack helped them make better decisions and helped drive further business growth. We also sat down with Andzen for a number of advisory sessions which helped them to clearly define their service offering and add structure to their business model.

The Results

Since we have started working with Andzen it has grown from 10 people to a team of more than 20 and were able to open new offices in the US and the Philippines within two years. Profitability is up by 30% and Andzen are now recognised as a market leader in their field. Today, we still work with Andzen and are always available to support the team with whatever they need.

"TINKA Onsight have transformed our business. The team worked closely with us to map our existing skillsets and discover opportunities we weren't paying enough attention to or needed specialist advice. TINKA is not only our finance workhorse, but their advisory team continue to push us each month. Highly recommend."

Brendan Rawson, CEO of Andzen


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