27 August 2020
16 September 2020

Taking Alpha Digital to new heights to become one of Australia's top digital agencies

The Company

Alpha Digital are one of Australia’s leading digital marketing agencies, with offices in Brisbane and Sydney. Their client roster includes brands such as City Beach, Pillow Talk, GJ Gardner and Pet Barn.

The Challenge

When we first met with Alpha in 2016, they told us they needed greater clarity and accuracy when it came to their financial reporting. They wanted to make strategic decisions to ensure profitability increased alongside growth but felt they didn’t have the full financial picture to confidently move forward.

The Solution

As always, we sat down with Alpha to understand their business. We did a full assessment of their financials which included the setup and review of profit centres (sectioning off different areas of the business and assigning individual costs and revenues to them). We then sat down with senior management for a financial strategy session. We reviewed our findings, demonstrating that one area of the business significantly outperformed the rest and made a number of recommendations on how to maximise profitability through concentrating their focus in the right areas. From there we started overhauling their existing accounts, building Alpha Digital custom financial reporting systems that reflected the needs of their growing business. We set up tracking categories (so they could see profit margins and client servicing levels) and where possible to save time. We continue to support Alpha with their accounting and bookkeeping function on an ongoing basis.

The Results

Today Alpha are a key player among Australia’s leading digital agencies. They have grown from 17 to 31 staff, have won multiple major national accounts and hold a heap of industry award trophies for their work. They now have proper process and management systems for data and analytics and as a result, have achieved growth of 40% year on year while simultaneously managing to increase profitability.

"Engaging TINKA was an absolute turning point in our business. The processes we've put in place since then have been a huge contributor to the success of the agency.”

Sam Wood, CEO of Alpha Digital


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